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CDS in Texas has been offering support to people who choose consumer direction for over 17 years. We have grown from a tiny agency to one of the largest in Texas. What hasn't changed is our commitment to individual service and support.

CDS in Texas provides a foundation of support that enables individuals with disabilities to self-direct their care. The cornerstone of our success is our team's compassionate and dedicated relationship with the families we serve.

If you are just learning about consumer direction, we invite you to explore our website. We support all Medicaid programs anywhere in the State of Texas as well as Veteran-Directed Programs out of Belton and San Antonio.


POSITIVE UPDATE: Monday, February 25, 2019:

Our payroll processing is running smoothly. After working all weekend, payroll for Pay Period 4 is going out today. This means that those who receive their payroll by direct deposit or reloadable cards should see the funds available on Tuesday. If you did not receive a full payment on Friday, the difference was processed as well.

If your employees’ payroll for Pay Period 3 was larger than for Pay Period 4, they will not see any payments. Any excess payments will be deducted from Pay Period 5. You may be contacted by our office this week for a repayment plan.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to send you the normal payroll processing notices that you are accustomed to receiving. Those will be resumed on the next pay period. However your employees can access that information using the self-service portal.

Again, thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Original Notice

Tuesday we found out that the company we use for payroll experienced a software failure and could not process checks. We were advised the problem would be corrected by end of business on Tuesday. That deadline was missed. Wednesday passed, and we still had no access; Thursday continued with no access. We understand the importance of a paycheck. So, instead of letting our client’s employees go unpaid, we reissued the last payroll Thursday evening. Therefore, your employees should get the same check they got the last payroll period. If they have direct deposit or a re-loadable card, they should receive their pay on Friday, February 22.

Our payroll provider is working day and night to get this problem fixed. They also understand how important it is for employees to be paid on time.

If your employee did not get paid:

  • We are figuring out everyone who wasn’t paid because they are either new or they didn’t work the last payroll period. If your employee was not paid, please, email and give us the name of the person receiving services and the employee name so that we can make sure they receive payment as soon as we are able to issue payroll.

When will they get paid?

  • We hope to have everyone who did not get paid, taken care of by Monday. That means checks will be mailed Monday and those receiving direct deposit should have funds in their account by Tuesday.

My employee wasn’t paid enough/Their check is wrong:

  • After we take care of those employees who received no payment, we will be working to figure out who wasn’t paid enough (and who was paid too much). Until we can access and process pay period 4, we do not know exactly when this will occur, but we will be working long hours to get pay reconciled as quickly as possible.

When will they get paid?

  • We hope to have those who had errors on their checks fixed by the end of next week.