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CDS in Texas has been offering support to people who choose consumer direction for over 17 years. We have grown from a tiny agency to one of the largest in Texas. What hasn't changed is our commitment to individual service and support.

CDS in Texas provides a foundation of support that enables individuals with disabilities to self-direct their care. The cornerstone of our success is our team's compassionate and dedicated relationship with the families we serve.

If you are just learning about consumer direction, we invite you to explore our website. We support all Medicaid programs anywhere in the State of Texas as well as Veteran-Directed Programs out of Belton and San Antonio.

COVID19/Coronavirus Alert

Thursday, March 25, 2020


We have prepared a letter for your use stating that your employees are considered part of the “essential services“ workforce. Therefore, they are able to travel to and from their place of residence to wherever their services are to be provided.

Please have your employees print this out and keep a paper copy with them or take a picture of it to keep a digital copy.

200324 Essential Employee Letter for CDS Employers

Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 1pm

COVID19 / Coronavirus FAQs from CDS Employers

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