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July 2nd, 2020

Attention all CDS Employers:

As we have previously advised you, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is coming to CDS. The 21st Century Cures Act passed by Congress requires all Personal Care Services being delivered within the CDS model to use EVV. This is not optional. Everyone will have to use EVV in both the CDS and Agency models.

We are about to overwhelm you with information, so please be patient as you read this letter. We are giving you summary information. You will get more details as we get further into the implementation process.

CDS in Texas will be using DataLogic as our EVV vendor. DataLogic’s EVV system is called Vesta. DataLogic has developed a separate system specifically for CDS employers called Consumer Directed Verification (CDV) to manage EVV visits.

We will begin implementing and on-boarding employers in July. All CDS employers are required to train on how to use Datalogic’s EVV web-based platform, CDV, and be able to train their employee(s) on how to clock in and out. You must take this training once we have registered you with Vesta. You will be required to take this training annually. Datalogic will contact you to let you know how to take their training. Once you have taken it, please forward proof to us at HHSC requires us to maintain this information.

CDS In Texas must enter information for each member, employer and employee into Vesta’s system. This information includes your contact information, eligibility information, and authorization information. In order to make sure we have everything we need to enter correct data, please send the
information requested on the attached form to as soon as you receive this notice:

Once your CDS profile is completed in the Vesta FMSA system, Vesta will send an email to the CDS employer and the DR (if applicable) with log-in credentials to access their Consumer Directed Verification (CDV) training.

You as the employer will have the option of three different ways your employee(s) will be able to clock in and out. You can use multiple visit verification methods for each of your employees:

  • Clocking in and out using your home landline phone
  • Clocking in and out on the Vesta’s mobile application (must be a smart phone)
  • Clocking in and out on an Alternative Device which will give the employee a numeric code to call in to a toll-free number.

To maintain compliance with Texas HHSC we have attached the revised Form 1722, Employer’s Selection for Electronic Visit Verification Responsibilities. HHSC requires you to complete and send it back to us.

As the employer you have several options to choose from for visit maintenance responsibilities:

  • Option 1 – Perform all required visit maintenance within the EVV system using my own computer or other electronic device (such as a smart phone) and I will approve my CDS Employee(s) time worked in the EVV system.
  • Option 2 – Have my FMSA complete all required EVV visit maintenance on my behalf, however, I will approve my CDS Employee(s) time worked in the EVV system.
  • Option 3 – Have my FMSA complete all required EVV visit maintenance AND the FMSA will confirm my CDS Employee(s) time worked in the EVV system based on approval documentation from me.

Please read the information below before making your selection on Form 1722.

We strongly encourage you to select Option 1. This option will automatically communicate with us your employees’ time worked and services performed. Option 2 will require multiple emails, phone calls, faxes back-and-forth to obtain final approval. This is probably the least efficient method. Option 3 will also require multiple approvals. Both Option 2 and Option 3 may delay processing payroll. The key to having EVV work smoothly and efficiently, is in making sure that your employees’ clock in and clock out on a regular basis. They must be sure not to go over the authorized hours (or minutes) and select the right service when they clock in.

Please Note: If no response is sent to CDS in Texas, the CDS employer will maintain responsibility for completing visit maintenance until Form 1722 is submitted.

If you choose option 2 or 3, you will still have to submit documentation that you have reviewed and approved all hours before CDS in Texas can complete the approval and visit maintenance process within the EVV system. This process must be completed before we can approve payroll for your employees. Late approvals will result in late processing of timesheets.

When you first login into the Vesta CDV system you will be required to watch a CDV training video. Once you complete the training video, you will have access to the full CDV system.

Datalogic has setup a support center to answer initial and ongoing questions regarding training and system navigation questions. You may contact their Datalogic’s support center by dialing 1-877-329-3574 Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm Central Standard Time (CST) or you can email their support team at

Please do not delay in providing us with the requested information. We want to get you registered and give you time to become familiar with how the system works before errors will delay your payroll.

Thank you for your assistance as we begin the EVV process.

CDS in Texas